San Francisco's HomeLess

The city of San Francisco boasts of being the favorite destination of those who visit the United States, thanks to its friendly people and its charming european style. Unfortunately...


"Matanza" is the Spanish word for the act of slaughtering a pig. Of unknown origin, it was practiced already in the Middle Ages...

San Pietro * Faith

Although it was not one of my turist goals the year I lived in Rome, I must admit that when I visited St. Peter's Basilica, I was captivated...

San Francisco - 12 months

Tour of the magical and unique city of San Francisco, looking for moments, scenes, light ... that represent each of the 12 months of the year...

Paris - 12 months

Fascinated by this city since I was a kid, today Paris still preserves all the beauty of those years, when it was the world capital of art...

Medio Mediterraneo

The name translates as Middle Mediterranean (Sea) and in turn the name of this sea in Latin means "sea in the middle of the lands"...

Antonio Boalis Photographer

Antonio Boalis Photographer - Reportages 2005-2010
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